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Eat Bugs Project Startup by author Heather Alexander
project startup eat bugs on sale 2/16/21


by Heather Alexander, Laura D’Asaro, Rose Wang
Illustrated by Vanessa Flores

Praise for Project Startup:

The perfect book for any young entrepreneur!”
—Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor

I totally enjoyed this book. It’s fast and funny—and how scary is it to start a business that asks you to eat BUGS?!”
—R.L. Stine, New York Times bestselling author of Goosebumps

An unusual, inspiring, and intriguing story….”

Inspired by the true story of two friends who landed a deal on Shark Tank. Sixth-grade students-turned-entrepreneurs are on a mission to build a buzz-worthy business with a message: Eat what bugs you!

When Hallie and Jaye are paired up as partners for a pitch competition held by their Business Education and Entrepreneurship class, it’s far from a perfect match. Jaye dreads working with Hallie, who everyone at school calls “Bug Girl” after she ate a fried cricket during a class trip to the zoo. Then she hears Hallie’s zany startup idea: finding creative ways to sell bugs as food. Eat bugs? No way! thinks Jaye.

But maybe Hallie’s idea isn’t so wacky after all. It’s a great solution to food sustainability. And really healthy, too. In fact, eating bugs just may be their best shot at winning the school competition. If they win, they’ll compete in the county competition, potentially followed by states and nationals. And, more than anything, Jaye wants to win.

Enough to eat a bug. Or two.

project startup eat bugs on sale 2/16/21

Egyptology by author Heather Alexander
A Child's Introduction to Egyptology on sale 3/16/21


The Mummies, Pyramids, Pharaohs, Gods, and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
by Heather Alexander
Illustrated by Sara Mulvanny

Get ready to go back in time and discover one of history’s most fascinating civilizations—Ancient Egypt!

Explore the wonders of ancient Egypt from the very beginning of the kingdom 4,500 years ago through the reign of Cleopatra in 31 BC. Learn about gods and goddesses (such as Ra, the god of the sun, and Isis, the goddesses of magic), powerful pharaohs (such as Ramses II and Nefertiti), how the magnificent Great Pyramid in Giza was built, how Tutankhamun’s tomb was found, how mummies were made, and if there really is a mummy’s curse. Plus there’s a removable hieroglyphs poster and fun activities, including How to Mummify an Apple and Create Your Own Papyrus.

Filled with colorful illustrations, this fact-filled book is perfect for every young Egyptologist!

Ghostwriter publishing program by Heather Alexander Books

The GHOSTWRITER Publishing Program was edited, packaged, and scouted by HEATHER ALEXANDER BOOKS.

Based on Ghostwriter, the Emmy-winning live-action TV show produced by Sesame Workshop and currently airing on Apple TV+, this mix of middle grade novels and adaptations brings immersive stories beyond the screen!

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